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How to Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8 – Device Hard Reset

Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8; No doubt, obviously Android is a popular device, everybody feels comfortable with the android device. In the world, lots of people use an android operating system. In the marketplace, we see a heap of phone lover gathered to purchase the best smartphone. The ZTE Blade V8phone also a best phone I see. It can attract one people in one minute, it features is really amazing, nicely to look, anyone can operate it simply. However, here I agree to share hard reset description for ZTE Blade V8 phone. If you face having problems with hanging, freezing, not responding, slowly speed, bad battery backup etc. one more difficulty. There has a lot of reason why face these problems, may be system error happening with your device or attack some virus. Most people don’t realize doing a hard rest can solve any of problems of android phone. Hard reset or soft reset can easily stop all of the problems. So, you have to try hard reset method if you ever face this situation.

Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8

Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8
Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8

Note: Hard reset will delete all of valuable data on phone, so need to backup all files in another place such as online host backup service, HDD, MMC card etc. storage.

Soft reset formula for ZTE Blade V8

  1. Tap of ZTE Blade V8 on home screen.
  2. Tap the Setting; see the list of menu items have accounts section.
  3. Tap accounts; now see in the list of menu Backup option.
  4. Now see Backup and reset.
  5. Tap on Backup and reset menu.
  6. Now see in the down site of the menu have Factory data reset.
  7. See others Hard reset Process.

After few minutes, the mobile will be done the soft reset. Now I talk about Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8

Steps for ZTE Blade V8

1. Fist of all turned of your ZTE Blade V8

2. Tap the (Vol+ and Power Button) together until the recovery option will not open.

3. Now the ZTE Blade V8 will show you recovery mode and you are able to see a list of menu items.

4.  Now select the wipe data/factory reset via (Volume down button).

5. Now press (Power) key to confirm 

6. Waiting few time then factory reset is done.

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7. Again select reboot the mobile and press power button.

8. The mobile will be restart and work are done.

The hard reset process has been successfully! 

Before Hard Reset ZTE Blade V8 mobile backup all data form mobile to MMC card.

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